Return & Refund Policy

All goods sold are non-returnable and non-refundable.

A return and/or refund is only allowed to specific circumstances such as follows:-

  • Manufacturing defect and/or if the product is damaged during the delivery process.
  • The product is confirmed to be defective and/or damaged by our technicians.

The return and/or refund request for manufacturing defect and/or delivery damage must be
submitted within 7 days of receipt of the order.

The return and/or refund procedures are as follows:

  • Please send in your return and/or refund enquiry to 018-7709822 via WhatsApp.
  • After receiving your request, we shall contact you within 3 business days for further instructions.
  • If the item is of defective issue, we will send our technician team for an inspection on-site and we shall rearrange a date to collect if it is proven to be defective by our technician and after the return/refund request is approved by management.
  • To expedite the return and/or refund process, you are required to fill in the Return/Refund
    Request Form at for management’s approval.
  • Upon approval, we shall arrange a date to collect the item from you.
  • The refund will take 14 working days to process and the day shall be calculated from the day the returning item is collected.
  • Zero Healthcare reserves the right to reject any inappropriate or unreasonable returns and/or refunds. All return and refund requests will be subject to approval.
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